Bruce Lee playing ping pong

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It has been a while indeed since I last brought you one of Thomas Eakins’ reference photographs, this another from this marvellous outdoor photoshoot for The Swimming Hole, in 1883. Though they were created to assist with his painting, there is an undeniable beauty to each image in its own right, the spontaneity of each shot as the models enjoy their swim, the composition and lighting every bit as lovely as in the work based upon these scenes. 

There is something about being confident and happen in your own skin

The Cursive of You | by sweeterchord

María Cristina de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, Reina de España, Detail.
by Vicente López y Portaña, 1830

Scrying is a method of divination where one would gaze upon something with a surface that is polished, reflects light, or somewhat translucent. Most stereotyped would be the crystal ball, in which the fortune teller would concentrate on the crystal and be able to see into the future. Other forms of scrying include, but are not limited to, mirrors, flames, water (as shown above), smoke, and oils. In most cases scrying is used to achieve clairvoyance, or to perceive future events beyond sensory contact.